The Truth About DIY Orthodontics

Article By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.

When California Assembly Bill 1519 was signed into law things got tougher for the DIY Orthodontics trade. In case you haven’t heard of this, new websites are springing up offering do-it-yourself braces. The patient never sees an orthodontist or dentist at any time. You do see a virtual orthodontist right in the beginning.

The reason this type of business has become so popular is that it offers the public a way to straighten teeth and fix gaps at a fraction of the cost of regular braces. Many of these DIY sites will provide braces for around $3,000.

DIY clear aligners are much like Invisalign. These are clear aligners that push the teeth in place gradually over a period of time. This varies from a year to two years though some sites will advertise that you can get good results in six months.

Websites like Byte, Candid and SmileDirectClub will mail you a series of retainers, along with the instructions for use. You must carefully follow the instructions, but there’s no guarantee that your teeth will get straightened.

Some patients have had disastrous results where their teeth moved in crazy directions leaving them with all kinds of problems. Patients do need to see an orthodontist regularly to ensure that teeth are moving in the right directions.

Whatever you decide on, most braces take around 18 months to achieve the desired results. Some patients may only need to wear them for a year or less. This depends on the types of issues you’re trying to correct. It is important to listen to the advice of your orthodontist.

Article written by Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics. Dr. Mark Rashidi at Remarkable Smiles offers professional Invisalign in Mission Viejo services. When you need dental braces in Irvine, contact Dr. Mark Rashidi at Remarkable Smiles.