Why replacing your cushions will improve your health?

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Cushioning makes furniture comfortable while enhancing the look of your living, dining, and patio spaces. But most people will avoid cleaning and maintaining their furniture especially their cushioning until they notice sagging, discoloration, or when your furniture becomes uncomfortable.

Badly maintained cushioning can impact your health and well-being by:

Providing poor support – Older sofas or chairs with sagging centers are a sign that your foam has lost its strength and flexibility. Sitting in and getting out of such furniture can affect your back, hips, and neck. You will know if your sofa foam needs replacement if you feel pain while sitting or find it hard to get comfortable. Sagging centers are very common in padded dining room chairs and patio furniture, making sitting for short periods uncomfortable.

Worsening your allergies – Food stains, moisture, dust, pet hair, and sweat, can accumulate on sofas and patio cushioning, causing mildew, mold, and dust mites. If you find yourself sneezing or get watery eyes when you use certain pieces of furniture, chances are that using the furniture disperses particles into the air, worsening allergy symptoms. Outdoor furniture such as Patio cushion, is prone to mold and mildew as they are often exposed to moisture. Such cushioning will have to be replaced especially if the damage is embedded into the foam.

Making you less sociable – A living, dining, or patio space that is unkept will make most people ashamed and hesitant to entertain, which can make celebrations and get-togethers less frequent and a lot less enjoyable.