The Psychological Effects of a New Mattress

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Many people replace their mattresses for physical or practical reasons. Their mattress may be giving them aches and pains, or they may own an old mattress that is long overdue for a replacement. However, you may be unaware of the psychological benefits getting a mattress replacement may reward you with.

In one quantitative study, researchers found that subjects who slept on new bedding experienced less stress-related symptoms such as anxiety and irritability. The study also mentions previous academic studies that have suggested that poor sleep results in weakened immune systems, decreased work productivity, and increased risk of injury. It’s fair to assume the connection between having the right mattress and getting the right amount of sleep.

As documented by The Sleep Judge, sleep also boosts essential parts of mental functioning such as memory, awareness, and creativity. Furthermore, sleep can help regulate emotions and prevent depression. You could be missing out on these essential psychological benefits if you insist on using the same lumpy, misshapen mattress that makes your body ache.

Getting a new mattress is a good investment for your overall quality of life. For the sake of your mental health and your career, relationships, and home life, you should be doing everything you can to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a new mattress that will provide enough comfort and support every time you lie down, be sure to browse through The Foam Factory’s collection of foam sleep products. You’ll find conventional foam, memory foam, and latex foam mattresses, along with an assortment of foam mattress toppers. Contact them today for more information.