How often should you change your mattress?

Most experts agree that you should change your mattress every seven years. There is quite a bit of data behind that suggestion. For one thing, as we sleep at night our bodies shed skin and this can get embedded in the mattress. Within a few years, your mattress can be clogged with that debris and no longer be healthy to sleep on.

Some excellent mattress products

Tempur-Pedic Adapt–Offers good support and cool temperatures with its smart climate system. Cover is a premium fabric super-stretch cover with upholstered sides. The Tempur-Pedic Adapt is designed to give you even weight distribution across your body.

The Purple Mattress–Made up partly of hyper-elastic polymer which is known as the Purple Grid. Offers a 10-year guarantee.

Puffy LUX–Ranked the most comfortable mattress by multiple review sites. Sleepers experience less back pain and feel relief with Puffy’s Adaptive Cloud Technology. Puffy comes with a Lifetime Warranty & 101 Night Free Trial with a Money Back Guarantee.

Sealy PosturePedic—This brand has been around a long time so they know their business when it comes to mattresses. Get 638 Sealy coils, along with convoluted foam on top. They are always highly rated with good guarantees.

Get Financing

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