Stress and Hair Loss: Are They related?

Yes, says many of the researchers in the medical field. Stress is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “demand upon physical or mental energy.” One study suggests that severe stress can be caused by an injury, surgery or an illness. If you are experiencing thinning or loss of hair, take a look at your stress level.

Three types of hair loss are associated with stress. Under the alopecia areata condition where white blood cells attack hair follicles stopping hair growth and causing hair to fall in batches within weeks. The trichotillomania where there is an urge to pull hair all over the body including your scalp is caused by stress, anxiety and other conditions. Under the telogen effluvium, a less severe type of stress could cause to stop the hair growth and lies dormant, and after about two months hair begins to fall.

If managed properly stress levels in our bodies can be reduced. If you can feel that you are under severe stress or experience thinning of your hair, it may be time to see your doctor. Find ways to cut down your stress. It may be time to revisit your lifestyle and make adjustments to reduce your stress level.