Healing Hair Loss with a Smart Diet

Smart diet has been mentioned as a key element to prevent and or slowdown the process of losing hair. Today’s American diet is a major concern for many hair experts. It is low in vitamins and high in fat especially animal protein and salt that damage kidneys and elevate acidic levels in the body that contributes to hair loss. There are many reasons that contribute to thinning as well as losing hair. Once you evaluate your situation and if you find your diet is a contributory factor, do not panic. There are proven ways to address your diet and make you a smart eater when it comes to hair loss.

Avoiding fatty food especially fast food helps you to reduce oil-gland activity. Consuming lots of sugar cause the release of testosterone that could convert to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a male sex hormone that synthesizes hair follicles. So, what food is good to lower the risk of losing hair? Eating a balanced diet will help you to improve overall health. Foods that are rich in protein, iron, silica and zinc are good sources of healthy hair. You can get protein from fish, egg and beans. Raisins provide a good amount of iron and you get silica from beans sprouts. Instead of fries eat a baked potato.