Three Ways to Fight Hair Loss

Do a soul search and identify the cause

The condition that affects is called male-pattern boldness and it is visible due to bald spots. Thinning of hair on the other hand may not be visible right away but could lead to male-pattern boldness. Health experts say that the conditions may have been caused by hormonal or nutritional deficiencies including thyroid issues, low iron in your blood, lack of protein in the diet, and many other reasons. Some may find the hair loss as hereditary. Finding what causes you to lose your hair is important to find a way to fight it.

hair loss

Switching your hair products may help

Have you seen the products available at the store and their claims? A known antifungal agent that fights dandruff, ketoconazole, is also known to reduce the production of testosterone in hair follicles. If your shampoo doesn’t contain this ingredient throw it away and use a shampoo rich with ketoconazole and use it three to four time a week to slowdown hair loss.

Smart diet

Fast food is known to slowdown testosterone conversion to DHT. Sugar can trigger release of testosterone causing it to convert to DHT. An inherited sensitivity to DHT could lead to thinning of the hair. So, dump those foods that contribute to the cause.