Emotional Aspects of Hair Loss

Finding out that you are losing your hair creates an emotional stress. The condition impact women more than men. Living with the thought is stressful in a culture that accepts having a head of hair as sign of youthfulness and health. It may not be a medical condition but impact heavily on a person’s emotions. It creates emotional stress in many ways.


  • Many are dissatisfied with hair loss because it diminishes ones youthfulness and alter their image.
  • You may feel like it will be the end of your youth.
  • It affects many with their appearance and image.
  • Losing hair affects self-esteem.
  • Instill a fear of not being attractive to loved ones any more.
  • It impacts your social life.
  • Instill a jealousy and envy of others with full hair subconsciously.
  • Many feel that they are subject to social humiliation due to loss of hair.

But there are many ways one can deal with hair loss. Start growing a beard to take attention away from your head. Working out may improve your overall physique which can help to improve your appearance. Above all you can consult an expert to find out what causes you to lose hair and embark on a program to regrow your hair.