Emotional aspects of hair loss

Hair loss brings in emotional distress to many who are experiencing the condition. Many call the condition as alopecia. It affects both men and women, substantially more for women.

girl is very nervous about the loss of hair on white background

One area that is clearly visible the effect of hair loss is how an affected person look to the others. Many thinks that it makes a person look much older. This is more evident in a person’s face than anywhere else. Attention is drawn more to the forehead than other parts of the face and hair loss makes that area wider than usual showing premature aging. That alone creates an emotional distress for many.

Physical appearance is more important for women than men. Thinning or losing hair brings more stress in women than men. It affects a person’s self-esteem and more women feel it than men. They think that they are no longer attractive to their loved ones and that alone could cause more problems. It instills a feeling of insecurity in people. They tend to lose their appetite for social events making them more susceptible to depression, feeling of isolation and many other negative effects. This is why many resort to unproven and costly methods to restore their hair growth causing them a fortune.