What happens when you start to lose your hair?

Hair loss affects self-esteem and confidence. Learning that you are losing your hair is a stressful event for both men and women. Physical look is a self-esteem booster and losing hairline affects it more than any other factors. Many believe physical attractiveness is based on how you look and hair loss affects it more than anything else. Both sexes try hard to look younger and stay younger looking, and hair plays a major role in that. Some studies show more than 60 percent of men who started to lose hair were subject to some form of teasing.

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Hair loss makes you look older. A researcher at the University of Pennsylvania found that “thicker hair associated with youth and masculinity.” Men who experience hair loss see it before their 35th birthday. Many blame their genes for that. Many researchers on male pattern hair loss claims that main reason is due to inherited sensitivity. It starts with thinning your hair first and finally receding hairline and eventual baldness.

Most importantly when you lose your hair, you no longer have the pleasure of styling, combing, cutting and doing many other things you enjoyed before with your hair.