New way to treat alopecia

An Internet publication on baldness recently stated that a researcher at the Yale University School of Medicine is getting closer to finding a cure for male pattern boldness. He reportedly used a drug aimed at rheumatoid arthritis. A 25-year old subject who had the condition known as alopecia universalis received the treatment at a stage of nearly no hair and reportedly grew a full head of hair in eight months.

There are several varieties of alopecia commonly known as hair loss. Most common forms are alopecia areata affects more than 4.5 million Americans. In this form hair falls out creating patches. Alopecia universalis on the other hand is a rare form causing one to lose nearly all body hair. Alopecia affects millions of people worldwide and the condition at this time get everyone’s attention. Alopecia universalis, a rare form of boldness has no proven cure or treatment at this time. Researchers in the alopecia community are cautiously optimistic of the new finding because it involves one individual and many more treatments are needed to prove the effectiveness of the new treatment. After all, with more trials and research, the day may come sooner than later to successfully treat alopecia.