With summer coming up everyone wants to look their best be it for the day at the beach or for going on vacation. But your hair would have taken its toll of the daily blow drying and styling and looking frizzy and dull. No need to panic, you can control the damage by following some simple steps.

Use lukewarm water to wash hair instead of hot water which damages the hair shaft and reduce the frequency of washing and shampooing as this will make the hair dryer and cause further damage.


Use an organic shampoo, though more expensive than normal ones it will cause less damage to hair.Use a brush with natural bristles which are gentler on the hair. Avoid brushing wet hair as it tends to break hair.

Reduce blow drying and towel dry as often as possible and reduce the use of hair irons and curlers as they tend to remove natural hair oils.

Trim your hair without taking off the length to get rid of split ends which make your hair frizzy.

Finally eat lots of fruits and veggies, especially green leafy ones and drink plenty of water.