What is drug addiction?

cirquelodge5.jpgThere comes a point in an addict’s life when he or she looks back in retrospect wondering how his or her drug addiction has come this far. For some, it is a moment of catharsis (or an awakening?) whereas for others it only serves as fuel that continues to lead them spiraling down towards despondency.The thing is that addiction, no matter how careful we are, is not planned for.One does not intend to become an addict (read: social outcast) but it happens for reasons that are several in number. Of course, the addict is hooked to getting ‘high’ and biologically, this is not wholly untrue as the mesolimbic dopamine system of the brain is responsible for the aforementioned feeling.Unfortunately, as the days go by, the person’s dependency on the drug increases as the brain requires higher and higher doses of the drug to get that feeling of ‘euphoria’. Almost everything in the patient’s life takes second place to having access to the drug by any means necessary.And then there comes a point where an addiction center is the only option for an addict to get out of this mess.A place of calm and quiet where people who show care and love to these patients are what’s needed, and a classic example of this is found at Cirque Lodge located in the Rocky Mountains, where not only is alcohol and drug treatment is available but it is a home for those who are addicted to prescription drug abuse as well.