Ways to Treat Thinning Hair

Receding hairlines and balding spots can be troublesome and embarrassing. However, everyone reacts to it differently. Some chose to let it run its course, while others opt to adopt a new ‘shaved’ look. There are those who chose to fight it head on and seek effective treatments and cures for thinning hair.



Here is a list of available treatment options:

Surgery – this procedure has proven to be very effective. Grafts from good hair growth areas are removed and transplanted to balding spots. Experts say this method can produce amazing results. However, this option is still prohibitively expensive, and in most cases cannot be covered by insurance.

Home Remedies – there are quite a number of remedies and alternative treatments for your thinning hair, using things you have at home. These concoctions can be very sticky, gooey, and smelly, and require them to be plastered on your head. In most cases, these remedies are hardly effective and boil down to being simply old wives’ tales.

Drug Store Products – the local drug store will have a large number of treatments for your balding scalp. However, do not let brand names influence you. It is important that you look into what chemicals are used, as most contain harsh chemicals that sometimes could further damage your scalp. Choose products rich in vitamins and other natural extracts that will help nourish your scalp and hair follicles.
Before you decide, it is recommended that you look into all the possible cures and remedies available and make an informed decision of your own. Speak to others who have used similar treatments, and of course, seek the consultation of a doctor.