Munch few nuts and fruits to promote hair health

Food you eat everyday plays a bigger role in your hair health. Not just shiny hair, you need to look at the health of your scalp as well. Scalp needs protein as well other essential vitamins to maintain healthy head of hair. Your scalp gets these the same way your body gets them, from the food you eat. If that is true, you need to include healthy hair promoting food in your diet. Few food items are critical in maintaining healthy scalp and hair.

  • Vegetables are a must for promoting healthy scalp and hair. Dark green vegetables including spinach, green beans and broccoli are not only supply your hair with much needed vitamin A and C but also fiber and other nutrients your body needs.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are found in many food items but fish is loaded with it. Salmon, Cod, oysters are not only loaded with omega-3 fatty acids but also rich in vitamin B-12 and zinc that your hair needs. They give a shine to your hair.
  • Other food varieties rich with hair healthy proteins, vitamins and others include many kinds of nuts, eggs, dairy products, and whole grains. They are good sources of protein, zinc, iron, vitamins B and C, calcium, and others that promote hair health.