Protect your hair from minerals in water

Many different kinds of minerals contained in treated as well as untreated water. Knowing what they are and how they can affect your hair may help you to protect your hair.

Calcium and silica contained in water makes your hair feel dry, takeaway the shine and reduce the volume. Calcium also affects the hair color treatment, highlights, perm, and straighteners. Calcium build up on the scalp could causes hair follicles break especially when you brush your hair and cover the scalp preventing any new hair growth. Calcium build up on the scalp could cause flakes sometimes mistaken for dandruff.

Another chemical contained in your water, lead, also cause your hair to become dry. Copper contained in the water discolor your hair, flatten, and add to the dryness. Both of these minerals make your hair resistant to perms, color and straightening.

Iron and magnesium as usual adds a rusty hue to your hair. It also adds to the dryness of your hair making it more prone to breakages. Iron takes away the shine too.

In order to prevent minerals impacting your hair, add a filter to your shower. If you are using well water, consider using shampoo and conditioner that demineralizes. Before entering a pool wash and condition your hair.