Get help to grow your hair from food you eat

Certain food helps to promote healthy hair. Here we are attempting to find few of those food items that can help you. They not only promote scalp health but also brings protein that you need and help with proper maintenance of your hair.

Omega-3 fatty acid has been identified as one of the best chemical ingredient to promote scalp health. Seafood especially fish including Salmon, appears to be loaded with omega-3 fatty acid. If you experienced dry scalp in the past, you know how difficult it is to deal with problems associated with dry scalp. Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid can help to prevent dry scalp and bring other benefits too.

Another important ingredient that helps with brighter hair is vitamin B-12. It is also credited with scalp health and promotes brightness of your hair. Food that is rich in vitamin B-12 includes Salmon and oysters which also bring zinc for a brighter hair.

Vitamin A and C are also needed to maintain a healthy scalp. Dark green vegetable such as spinach and green beans, and carrots are loaded with vitamin A and C. Vegetables such as carrots also provide an added benefit of eye health.