Early signs of male pattern hair loss

Hair loss can happen to anyone, anytime of their life regardless of age. Male pattern hair loss refers to how men lose hair that occurs in patches and eventually leads to loss of entire hair. The thinning of hair could start as early as 25 years of age for men and may completely lose hair by at the age of 60. So, it is important to know the early signs of mail pattern hair loss.

Tell-tale signs of hair loss start with the front hairline and forehead and at the top of the head. It is not just the hairline, thinning of the hair can also be identified during a male pattern hair loss. Thinning can lead to revealing more of your scalp. Family members, close friends and relatives could notice the hairline change more than anyone else. People who are experiencing the condition should consider comparing yearly pictures of them to identify the condition early on. There are self-testing kits available to check your hair loss at home. Many treatment options are also available. Condition differs for people with hair loss and an expert on the field can study your situation and recommend a course of action for you.