Protecting your hair during the winter

Winter weather makes your hair dry due to cold winds and your indoor heating that adds to misery. This calls for special care for your hair during cold months to prevent further damage. Some cut their hair short during winter months but still your hair needs proper maintenance. That includes not only treating your hair gently but also proper nourishment for your hair as well as your body and maintenance of a good lifestyle. Here are some tips for good hair care especially during the winter.

  • In order to avoid static, apply a small amount of hair spray to your hair brush and run the brush from the top to the bottom after styling.
  • Avoid moisture removing activities such as frequent coloring, highlights, and flat-ironing.
  • Wash your hair less often because washing brings additional drying effect to your hair. Also, avoid going outside with wet hair.
  • Applying a smashed avocado to your hair before washing can condition your hair without harsh chemicals. Also melted Shea Butter can moisten your hair too.
  • Massaging hair with Aloe Vera gel for few minutes can help to allow deep moisture into your hair, soften it during the harsh winter months and prevent split ends.