Dealing with Back Injury

When you hurt your back, you know it. If the pain isn’t instantaneous, it will often show up in the coming days and it can be immediately debilitating. The main problem with back pain is you often don’t know it’s because by your back. That’s because your spine is home to millions of nerves that all work to make up your central nervous system. When you look at it that way, it’s easy to understand how an injury in the back can find its way all around the body.

Sciatica is a great example of this. People who experience sciatica, but don’t know why, may erroneously think they’ve injured their legs. That’s because sciatica sends shooting pain down the front of your thighs, especially when you’re sitting. This is most often caused by a pinched nerve in your spine though.

Finding pain management San Diego residents can rely on is important. But managing pain isn’t nearly as important as correctly diagnosing and treating it. Back pain San Diego residents experience isn’t going anywhere unless a medical professional (e.g. a chiropractor), looks at it and is able to establish how to treat the issue through the back.

Fortunately for residents of San Diego there is no shortage of back pain specialists in the area for them to rely on.


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