Cross contamination with Gluten

When following a gluten free diet, it’s important to watch out for any possibility of cross contamination.  Cross contamination is when the preparation of food can have a small trace of gluten.  This can happen with utensils, on the countertop, not washing hands thoroughly, etc.  This can either happen at home or in a restaurant.

Eating at a restraint

When eating at a restaurant, you will need to make sure everything is completely gluten free.  They may have a gluten free part of the menu.  However, how do you really know there will be no cross contamination.  If you are comfortable with it, ask the cooks/staff what measures they go through to ensure the food is completely gluten free with no traces.  You will be able to tell if they take the appropriate precautions and you can decide from there if it’s a good or bad idea to eat from there.

Eating at home

When you are preparing food at home, you may have certain people in your household that don’t follow the gluten free diet.  This is okay as long as you watch out for the cross contamination.  The people in your home who don’t follow the diet should properly manage their food themselves so you are not inhaling or touching any of the gluten.  If you are really sensitive to gluten, even touching it can give you side effects.  Make sure all countertops are wiped down with bleach/Clorox wipes.  Make sure separate utensils and cooking ware is different for gluten free ingredients.

Guest post provided by Kahthan Deane. Visit the site for more information on the Paleo diet like Paleo Breakfast ideas