How chlorine and salt water impact your hair

They both can impact your hair.  Chlorine treated swimming pool water can play havoc on your hair.  It could change blonde hair to green, make hair dull and dry, and make hair weak and brittle.  How blonde get green colored hair?  When Copper dissolved in water touches your hair, it creates a thin film on the hair and gives that green hue.  Best way to address this is to use a water tight hair cap before jumping into the water.  Also, try hot vegetable oil or apply hydrogen peroxide.

Chlorine on the other hand takes away the thin layer of natural oil that gives the shine to your hair making your hair look dull.  Also chlorine gets in between the scales that are present on your hair by pushing them up.   When oil removed and scales are pushed up, your hair look dull, dry and rough to touch.  Soak your hair for about 10 minutes in clean water to wash away chlorine.  Just a quick wash may not be enough.

Your hair absorbs water making it weak and brittle.  Avoid combing wet hair too much in order to prevent hair loss.  Also, try not to tie wet hair tightly.