Few misconceptions about your hair care

There are so many misconceptions about your hair including the use of shampoo to effects of stress on your hair.  Here are few myths.

Switch shampoo regularly:  There is no reason to change shampoo if your current shampoo works well with your hair.  But if you see signs of drying, brittleness, and other effects, it is time to change your shampoo.

Plucking gray hair speed up the graying process:  There is no evidence to support this claim.  But, plucking gray hair may be too stressful to the roots and may promote infections and cause scarring.

Brush certain number of strokes before going to bed:  You may have heard the rule of 50 or 100 brushing strokes before going to bed.  Brushing stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, distribute natural oil, and keep your hair neat.  But too much brushing may be harmful to your hair.  It erodes cuticles causing breakages and even fall of hair.  Put the brush down once in a while.

Frequent trimming help hair grow faster:  It is a good idea to get rid of split ends but not for hair growth.  Your hair grow about one half inch a month under normal conditions.  You need other measures to stop hair loss.