New research findings that could lead to a cure for hair loss

Organ replacement regenerative therapy allows organs damaged by disease, injury or aging to grow again. Scientists in Japan have identified “functional hair regeneration from adult stem cells”. This is substantial development for the next generation treatment of “organ replacement regenerative therapies”. The group has produced a proof-of-concept that generated fully functioning hair follicles and growth from adult stem cells and dermal papilla cells.

This is potential good news for people who are experiencing hair loss. Recent advancement in regenerative medicine is welcome news to millions who suffer. Animal trials of regenerating hair and feathers were successful. So, stem cell regeneration therapy may lead to a solution for hair loss in the near future.

On another front, U.S. scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have identified a protein known as prostaglandin D synthase that stops hair growth in men. Men with male pattern boldness carry stem cells in follicle roots. It needs signals within the skin to start growing. Due to new findings, researchers may be closer to finding the link needed. At the same time, drugs that trigger the pathway are already progressing. A gel or cream may be in the market soon.