My Sister Underwent Vaginoplasty for her Husband

My older sister had vaginoplasty to be able to experience an orgasm. She had never been able to achieve one from making love, only from foreplay or direct clitoral contact. Her husband was feeling very inadequate because of this and began talking about joining a swinger’s club so she would enjoy sex more. After talking to her doctor she found out she could have surgery to make her more likely to orgasm. She was willing to try anything to make things better in bed with her husband.

After the vaginoplasty surgery and recovery period she was eager to see if it worked. As a special present, her husband planned a cruise for the two of them. Sort of like a second honeymoon. He told her that if everything went right, it would be like their first time together and wanted to recreate their honeymoon. The only difference was this time it was to the Greek Isles and not Hawaii. I flew to Florida to house and babysit for them while they were gone. She was very excited and a bit nervous too; it was cute to see her like that again.

While they were gone I did a bit of research on laser vaginoplasty and was surprised at the number of women who underwent the procedure to increase their sexual pleasure. I know for my sister, it was not just childbirth that had created the problem, she had never been able to achieve orgasm from penetration. I know many women do not. They assume it is normal and do not worry about it too much. Or they do worry about it and become bitter about sex in general.