Food That Can Shine Your Hair

Proper died can promote scalp health which leads to healthy head of hair. In addition to proper maintenance of your hair, proteins contained in food are also essential to growth of your hair. Here are some food ideas to promote your hair health.

Fish, especially Salmon, are loaded with omega-3 fatty acid and contain vitamin B-12 which promotes scalp health. Any deficiency could cause dry scalp which leads to dry and dull looking hair. Oysters on the other hand contain zinc which is a must for healthy hair.

Vegetables that are rich in vitamin A and C promote scalp health. Dark green vegetable such as spinach and green beans, and Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and C. Carrots also provide an added bonus by promoting vision health.

Consume few nuts (walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, and cashews) and eggs. They contain proteins your hair need.

Eating few slices of whole grain bread and a bowl of cereal which are fortified with zinc, iron and vitamin B lead to good hair health.

You also need to consume skim milk, cottage cheese and yogurt in order to get calcium and protein that promote healthy head of hair.