Adding volume to thin hair

Women with thin, fine hair know of the difficulties faced when trying to style the hair. There is no need to despair, there is help. The right hair cut and a few hair care tips will give your hair the life and bounce which you crave for.

Hair length: go for a short to medium length haircut, this will give the illusion of more hair whereas long hair will emphasize the lack of volume and make the hair look flat and lifeless.

Layers: a few layers in your hair will add volume and movement to your hair. But having too many layers will have an adverse effect.

Choose the right products: use hair volumising shampoos and conditioners. Add conditioner only to the ends of the hair and avoid using too much as this will weight down the hair making it look flat. Use hair mousse instead of gel which is heavier.

Regular trims: trim your hair every four to six weeks as this will prevent split ends and damage to your fine hair.

Curls: curls and waves in the hair will add instant movement and volume to hair. Use rollers or electrical hair appliances to get curls and waves.