How Affordable is the Lap Band System?

The saying that “health and beauty is expensive” doesn’t always have to be true. When it comes to losing weight and taking care of our health, it doesn’t always have to be so stressful and expensive. The price of a surgery that will change our way of living shouldn’t get in the way of our success.

The lap band surgery has been approved by the FDA , the lap band system has helped patients to eat less food and feel fuller for a longer period of time. This method has helped thousands of patients to reach their goal weight and become healthier and change their life style. The lap band cost can run from $14,000-$16,000, depending on many things from a patient’s medical history to the bariatric surgeon and even the facility where the procedure is done. The lap band cost includes facility, anesthesia and the surgeons’ fee.

This cost can be covered by the patients’ medical insurance; most PPO insurances cover this bariatric surgery. The facility must verify if a patient has bariatric insurance. If the insurance doesn’t cover there’s always financing available.

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