Three Random Myths on Hair Loss Busted

Not everything you hear about hair loss is true. In fact, believing in hearsays may even cause more damage than do any good. Here are the three common misconceptions about hair loss and the real deal on them:

MYTH: Brushing keeps hair glossy and makes it grow faster.

There was a time people were encouraged to brush their head of hair at least 100 times because it stimulated the release of natural hair oils that gave the hair its luster and strength.  But let’s put it this way: With each movement of the brush, you are actually tugging hair from the scalp, no matter how gentle you are. Do this tugging motion a hundred times, and what happens? The grip of the scalp on the hair becomes loose, and hair becomes more prone to breakage and falling. Besides, all that brushing could injure the scalp and lead to more hair loss.

MYTH: Styling with heat and using hair products will cause hair loss.

Hair blowers, heat straighteners, curlers, hair spray, gel and even regular shampoo and conditioner do not cause hair loss, per se. These, when used excessively and without protection (such as a heat-protecting serum), can make hair thin and brittle, and therefore more susceptible to breakage, but not hair loss. One may notice thinning of his or her head of hair because the strands have become wispy with damage caused by chemicals and heat. To avoid this, use heated styling tools and products in moderation.

MYTH: Hats, caps, and other headgear cause hair loss.

Hats and caps do not cause any hair loss. Sure, they may make the top of the head flat, but that’s only because the hair on that area gets pushed down by the hat or cap. Hats and caps are believed to be culprits behind hair loss because they prevent the hair follicles from getting oxygen, but this explanation is baseless. If a cap or hat were too tight, a person would complain and take it off even before the hair follicles start to complain.