Your Hair Reveals Your Health

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of things your hair can reveal that no amount of treatments, coloring, perming, or straightening can conceal. In fact, one can easily spot a healthy hair of hair anywhere and under any light – it easily shines with life and vibrancy. It should be free from flakes, brittleness, frizziness and other signs of weak and damaged hair. But in this world that’s consumed by pollution, stressors and other damaging factors, your hair can easily tell others how healthy you really are.

For starters, if you have thin, wispy hair that is prone to falling and breakage, this is a classic sign of a deficiency in nutrients that make hair thick and strong: protein. Also, if you notice that your hair is becoming lighter in color even when you have not had any color treatment it is also another sign of protein deficiency. The protein that makes hair and skin dark is melanin. If you are protein-deficient, it follows that your hair will lose its luster and depth in color. 

If you had no white hair in the past but suddenly found your head filling up with them all of a sudden, it is worth looking into your stress adaptation mechanisms, or simply how you’ve been handling stress. People who are under a lot of stress, or have recently experienced a traumatic experience grow more white hair even when they are too young for any.

Overall, one must pay attention to one’s hair, and bring to his or her doctor’s attention any sign of health problems. Or, it could simply be caused by using too much hair product, or heat from the blow dryer or hair straightener.