Baldness Back In Fashion

Bald is finally beautiful again. Listen to the fashionistas if you do not believe it.

Kayla Martell, the beauty queen from Delaware is one of the most recent figures to have sacrificed her head of hair. Her example is one of the many we have seen this past year. Her choice to go bald comes due to the fact that she suffers from Alopecia Areata. Gail Porter, a TV presenter in Britain also suffers from the same condition, and instead of opting for a wig, she chose to appear bald in public as well.

Over the years, many celebrities have gone bald, and proudly so. Sinead O’Connor in the 1990s showed off her baldness in style. It was only during this era, that baldness in women started to become acceptable. Taking this one step further, at Fashion Week 2009, Patrick Mohr, a fashion designer from Germany had his entourage of models all appear bald. The ‘skinhead’ wigs he got them to wear caught the attention of many. An LA-based hair designer, Toni Love speaking to a reporter did affirm the fact that baldness was one of the very latest fashion trends.

Interestingly, not everyone in the fashion industry seems to think baldness has made a comeback. Mary Alice Stephenson, a celebrity stylist is of the opinion that individuality was all the rage, and not baldness. She went on to say that having your own individualistic style was what was hot in the fashion scene right now, and if that meant being bald, then that was fashionable.