The Connection between Hair Loss and Anemia

Hair loss has been very common for women of all ages. This disorder is caused by a lot of factors, and one of them is anemia. A lot of people are wondering about the connection between hair loss and anemia. Iron deficiency or anemia is caused by a lot of factors including recent surgery, recent childbirth, women entering the menopausal stage and loss of hair. But one of the most popular causes of hair loss and anemia is medical stress. It is very important for people to know the causes of baldness for them to be able to prevent it from happening.

The common link to hair loss and anemia is having a low count of RBC (red blood cells). If you have this condition, then you have anemia. But it has to be noted that baldness and anemia is caused by a graver medical illness. Once you experience having a low RBC count, the body has less nutrition for the hair follicles which cause baldness. Once you have assessed that you are very susceptible to anemia, you should go and visit your doctor for some medication. Prescribing you with iron supplements would bring back your RBC count to normal and will also help you prevent losing hair.

Aside from this, you should also consider getting a complete medical examination in order for you to determine if there are more severe conditions that are causing you to lose hair.Hair loss and anemia are connected in some way, and for women, the best way to prevent these things from happening is to be aware of their system and make sure that they get proper check-up once in a while.