Tooth Infections could cause bald patches

Alopecia Areata, also referred to as ‘localized alopecia’ is one kind of hair loss which is untraceable. Weirdly enough, recent research has indicated that Alopecia Areata is closely linked to tooth infections. This kind of baldness begins with bald patches and even sometimes on other parts of the body. This hair loss issue could occur in males and even females of various ages. According to experts, one out of every thousand people is affected by it.Recent research carried out by Antonia Cutando Soriano and José Antonio Gil Montoya, both hailing from the University of Granada’s Department of Stomatology states that if you observe hair loss of this nature, a dentist’s expert opinion is absolutely necessary. Ensure that the dentist examines your oral condition thoroughly before coming to a conclusion.Typical signs for Alopecia Areata are circular shaped bald patches on the scalp and even on your beard and eyebrows. This kind of hair loss could even mean losing your eyelashes.This particular hair loss does not completely damage the hair follicles, and you will notice the re-growth of hair in a few months. However, according to researchers, around 25 % of patients will notice a recurrence of hair loss.If you suffer from Alopecia Areata, then your hair is shaped almost like an exclamation mark, especially the hair surrounding the edges of the bald patch. The hair loss disease tends to weaken the hairs and thus they fall out rather easily. Other studies carried out on the impact of Alopecia Areata indicate that the development of the disease is quite unpredictable – with hair growing back in a matter of weeks in some cases, and others reporting further loss of hair on the body as well as the scalp.