Ryan Giggs – Losing Hair?

Lots of sportsmen seem to have a thing towards hair re-growth treatments. Ryan Giggs is one such sportsmen recently photographed walking out of a hair clinic, clutching on to a report.

Other sportsmen to get hair replacement treatments include cricketers such as Shane Warne, Michael Vaughan and Graham Gooch, while rugby players Wayne Rooney and Austin Healey have also resorted to similar treatments, all costing around £6,000-£10,000 each.

Giggs’ treatment involves a laser therapy session lasting 40 minutes which will encourage the re-growth of hair follicles, while a special re-growth formula and shampoo is rubbed into his scalp at least twice per day.

Vaughan’s hair re-growth option is far more expensive than Giggs’ and costs around £10,000 for a remedying thinning hair. Vaughan’s thinning scalp is woven in with Russian hair which is carried out over a number of treatments.

These hair loss treatments might sound fancy, but they all do not provide the expected results. One such salon was censured twice last year for misleading advertisements which featured Gooch and Warne implying that this salon was able to curb hair loss and re-grow lost hair.

A consultant dermatologist, Dr. Andrew Messenger from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield said he advised those suffering from baldness to think twice before resorting to a private clinic that made claims that sounded too extravagant to be true. According to him, there is nothing that exists that could possibly grow hair back on bald spots. The only two medicines – Minoxidil and Finasteride used to treat baldness are only capable of increasing hair density by 5-15%.