Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

One certain way of putting a stop to baldness, also referred to as male-type alopecia, is mesotherapy. The medication will encourage the growing back of hair, as it targets the middle layer situated under the skin.

Pattern balding is regarded as the most common reasons for hair loss amongst men. The first sign is believed to be a receding hairline. This can be good cause for panic, as the first signs of baldness will not augur very well in terms of your appearance. If male pattern baldness results in bald spots and hair thinning, then, you cannot possibly be blamed for hitting the panic button. Whether it is complete baldness or even partial, it can not only embarrass you in public but also cause you to feel anxious and overly conscious about your appearance. Therefore, as soon as you pick up on the initial signs, it would be great if you look for ways and means by which you can fight it, such as opting for Mesotherapy.

Invented by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, mesotherapy not only cures people suffering from alopecia, but also other ailments such as wrinkles, scars, cellulite and a few others. Meso hair therapy can not only stop thinning hair, but also restore lost hair. This is how it works: the medical officer in charge uses a tiny needle to inject the necessary medication into balding areas.

Male pattern baldness could be attributed to a number of reasons. These could be anything from hair care products to ageing male hormones. The loss of hair starts from the front area of the scalp or the vertex.