Keeping Your Bald Head Healthy

The health of your scalp is something that you have to look into, even if you have hair. If you do not, then you must pay extra attention to it. After all, there is no hair to protect the scalp so it is exposed to all sorts of danger.

The first thing to do, if you are not bald yet, is to take proper care when shaving your head. There are specific razors on the market that help you do this and you can even find some that you can attach to your hand enabling you to get a shave with a minimum risk of nicks and cuts. There are some good shaving creams specifically developed for scalp shaves and these would be a good investment as well.

The next thing to do is to shampoo your scalp on a regular basis; doing this once a day will help you avoid clogged pores and other problems. You should also apply moisturizer after you wash; this will protect your scalp from drying out too much and also combat flaking due to prolonged exposure to heat sources. Avoid using hot water to wash your scalp as this will strip away any essential oils on your scalp, however you can use lukewarm water instead. If you do plan to be in the sun a lot, make sure you use a good sunscreen which has a moisturizing component built in.

Massaging is also a technique you can use to keep your scalp healthy. You can do this by applying gentle pressure with your fingertips to your scalp while rubbing in a slow circular motion. This will relax your muscles, keep your scalp flexible, soothe your nerves and even promote hair growth.