Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Do you have an itchy scalp? If you are losing hair because of this, it can not only be frustrating but sends off alarm signals as well. Hair loss caused by an itchy scalp could be due to a number of reasons, but most of them are not permanent. So you do not have to panic. Once you find the reason behind your itchy scalp, then you can treat it accordingly and your hair will grow back.

However, do not delay in finding the reason for this occurrence. Consult a dermatologist who will diagnose the exact problem and prescribe suitable treatments which will help avoid any long term scarring due to the irritation on your scalp. This treatment should also encourage hair re-growth.

Here are a few common reasons behind hair loss due to an itchy scalp:

Folliculitis – This is caused by strong ingredients in shampoo that damage hair follicles and which become infected. Symptoms include small, white-headed pimples located around hair follicles. If you have deep folliculitis it can be very painful and result in red boils. This must be treated fast; otherwise it could cause considerable damage to the hair follicles which could lead to scarring and even bald patches.

Ring worm of the scalp (tinea capitis) – This is a superficial fungal infection on the scalp. Caused by fungi called dermatophytes, its symptoms include red, itchy patches on your scalp as well as hair loss. If aggravated, skin might even start to peel or scale and will result in a highly contagious rash. This can be treated with products that can be bought over the counter, which contain miconazole and clotrimazole.

Psoriasis – A fairly common skin disease with over seven million people in the US affected by it. This disease makes skin cells replace themselves above normal levels causing scale-covered wounds. This is paired with severe itching and could even lead to temporary baldness. To combat this condition, you would need to use a shampoo which contains zinc pyrithione or even avocado oil.