How to Care For Dry Hair and Scalp

Dry hair can be difficult to care for, and many people around the world suffer from it. Maintenance is a key factor although most people do not seem to take the effort or the time to do so.

Hair has a number of layers. You might think it to be just one strand, but under a microscope it is quite different.

Not everyone is blessed with hair that is normal. Some people who suffer from dry hair encounter the fact that their hair does not secrete enough oils to maintain nice and healthy hair. A good example for great hair is African American hair. Oil glands normally take around one to two weeks to produce natural oils that more or less moisturize hair.

Most kinds of hair need to be shampooed every fortnight, while others need it to be shampooed every single day in order to maintain that look of healthy hair.

If you have dry hair it is important that you invest in a good deep conditioner or treatment which is applied to your hair via the use of a heat cap and a plastic cap for around ten to twenty minutes. This way all the levels of your hair get the treatment they are supposed to.
If you have exceptionally dry hair, then ensure that you have oil treatments done every month or so. This will ensure that your hair will look great.

If you need to take extra care of your scalp then buy a good moisturizing shampoo. When washing your hair with it, keep it on for around three to five minutes. This will kill any kind of unwanted bacteria on your scalp.