Top Foods to Escape Baldness

If you are experiencing hair loss, and are looking for ways to grow back your hair fast and via natural methods, then perhaps you should consider looking at the types of food you should consume that will accelerate hair growth. Medication is also an option, but most of them require you to take them on a regular basis and might also have a number of side effects that might not be too pleasing. Eating the right food, ensuring they are included in your daily diet could show a fair difference in hair growth and even counter your hair loss problems.
So here is a look at some of the food items you need to consume in order to accelerate hair growth:

Firstly, ensure that you include a variety of nuts into your daily diet. This could include nuts such as walnuts which have alpha-Linolenic acid. This is an Omega-3 fatty acid that will help to counter hair loss. Other nuts that you should be consuming are pecans, cashews and almonds. They all contain zinc, which will aid hair re-growth. If you are deficient in zinc, then that is a sure factor for the hair loss you are experiencing. Therefore, instead of the usual chips and other junk food you choose for your snacks, switch to nuts instead.

Apart from nuts, you will also need to ensure that your diet includes a very good supply of protein. For this, include chicken and turkey in your diet; they are very good sources of protein. These lean meats must be consumed grilled, boiled or broiled but never fried. Remember, you need to keep it healthy – otherwise the entire purpose is defeated.