Growing Hair Faster with Laser Light

Apparently light can grow hair, or as is suggested by the latest hair loss treatment using laser light. The new treatment for hair loss problems experienced in both men and women apparently aids the growth of new hair, combats thinning hair and even scalp problems. The laser is made based on a very basic theory which is that light stimulates the function of cells. Therefore, with the use of the laser, cells will begin to function healthily and this in turn will stimulate the growth of new and healthy hair.

The laser hair loss treatment is fairly energy efficient, requiring very low power. The equipment is fairly easy to use and is quite simple. All you need to do is place the hood over a patient’s head and then press the ‘start’ button and that is it.

The laser therapy consists of various doses of light in order to produce the hair growth needed, be it thinning hair, bald patches, etc. The treatment needs to be continued for around nine to ten weeks, with each session lasting only thirty minutes. It is important that you ensure that the person meting out the treatment uses the right amount of light on your problem areas – otherwise, the treatment will not work for you.

Problem areas on your scalp should show some kind of improvement following your laser treatment during week five or six. If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, then week six and nine should show results. Once hair re-growth has been achieved, you will need to go in for routine follow-ups and maintenance sessions. Monthly ‘booster’ treatments are also recommended.