How Effective Is Nioxin

Nioxin might sound like a chemical, but it is not. Instead, it encompasses a full brand of hair care products which apparently utilize ground-breaking scientific insight to treat common hair problems such as hair loss. Made by Nioxin Research Laboratories Inc., Nioxin products are fairly price heavy and can be bought at either a salon or specialty stores. The product itself is not promoted as a solution for thinning hair but is considered to be one of the best solutions for the problem.

The Nioxin product line is fairly extensive, and each one carries different benefit claims. Some of them include that of wiping out any signs of aging hair, healthier scalps, added volume, and some that assist male pattern baldness. Certain Nioxin products are targeted at only certain problems, while others help solve one or more hair related issues.

Nioxin’s effectiveness depends on the product and what it is supposed to do. It also depends quite heavily on what each consumer expects from it. Products for extra volume, healthy scalps and styling control seem to work quite well and do achieve the purpose – and thus the fact these products are fairly expensive is justified.

As for curing baldness however, Nioxin’s effectiveness is not that great. In the sense that the Nioxin product gives your hair more volume and buffs it up, giving the appearance of more hair but does not really promote new hair growth. If you are suffering from acute male pattern baldness, then Nioxin is not for you. It will not stop your hair loss problem nor will it promote the growth of new hair. Rogaine or Propecia are way more effective than Nioxin in treating hair loss problems, and therefore it is advisable not to spend a fortune on such products unless you are sure they will give you the expected results.