Genetic Hair Loss in Women: Three Steps To Prevent Baldness

The statistics of genetic hair loss experienced by women has risen over the years. Hair loss in females is not as prevalent as it is in males – but it remains a problem. Outlined below are a few pointers to assist you – and ensure that you do not suffer from hair loss problems.

Female pattern baldness, which is the most common type of hair loss, is also called Androgenetic Alopecia. This hair loss issue involves the thinning of hair that can make you feel extremely self-conscious and create emotional issues and social anxiety.

Step One: Make sure that your intake of the necessary vitamins and minerals is within the recommended levels. Deficiencies of iron, copper, magnesium, zinc and vitamins A, B, C & E can all lead to hair loss in females. You need all these vitamins and minerals to ensure that you have a healthy scalp that will nourish your hair follicles, which in turn, encourages a good growth of hair.

Step Two: The root cause for female pattern baldness is DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. This hormone which is found in your bloodstream, if found over and above average levels in your scalp will choke your hair follicles -making it impossible for the absorption of nutrients from your blood. This is what makes your hair thin – and then eventually your hair follicles die. If you notice your hair thinning out, then look for a good herbal supplement that will fight DHT and prevent its formation on your scalp.

Step Three: The medication Minoxidil was initially developed for blood pressure. It helps to dilate blood vessels and ensures that the blood flow to the body is within normal levels. A side effect of Minoxidil is excessive hair growth. This medication is the only FDA approved medication for female pattern baldness.