Cosmetic Surgery – Helps Fight the Bald Spot

Do you have problems with hair loss? If you are, then it is time to take action. There is no point in waiting to try out new medication and treatments. Hair replacement cosmetic surgery is the ideal solution and that bald spot will not be a problem anymore.

Cosmetic surgery does have its pros and cons. Not everyone can have hair replacement cosmetic surgery. Here is what you have to identify first, in order to determine if you are suitable or not:

Hair replacement cosmetic surgery involves using your existing hair and placing it where it is needed on your head. Usually, hair from the sides and back of your head are used. The front and top parts of your scalp are the most likely to go bald, while the sides and back are the ‘bald resistant’ sections and are immune to the hormones that make you go bald. It is also because of this that you will frequently see bald men who still have hair on the sides and the back of their heads.
Before you go into hair replacement cosmetic surgery, you will have to get a doctor to take a look at your scalp. Here is how the entire procedure works:

Using a mild anaesthetic, the doctor will remove a strip off your scalp from the ‘donor area’. This could either be from the side or the back of your head. This should take less than an hour. Once they have removed the donor strip, they will sew you up, and you get to take a small break while the doctors then move on to the hardest part of this procedure, which is separating hair follicles and making a graft. Once that is done, the doctor will identify ‘recipient areas’ in front of your scalp which will make up your new hairline. Here, they will actually insert the actual hair follicles.

Keep in mind that cosmetic surgery could go both ways. It depends a lot on the doctor and his experience and skill, while aftercare is entirely in your hands. Good luck!