Do Head Lice Make You Lose Hair

Got lice on your head? It is time to start worrying, but fear not, this does not mean you are going to lose your hair and go bald. It is quite common for people to lose up to 100 hairs a day. It is only aspects like aging, lifestyle changes and hereditary causes that could lead to balding.

If your diet is full of essential nutrients, then you probably have excellent hair growth. This also means your hair has a longer survival period. Try to include the following nutrients in your diet to ensure a full head of hair:

Zinc – mainly contained in red meat, poultry, beans and dairy products. Zinc helps the production of hormones and a better absorption of vitamins.

Iron – eat lots of red meat, whole grains, sea food and dark vegetables for iron. It helps to deliver oxygen in the blood to your body and also your hair.

Omega 3 – found in oily fish, Omega 3 supports blood circulation including that to your hair follicles.

Protein – eggs, chicken, cheese and milk are full of protein. Hair is made up mainly with protein, and eating foods high in protein will aid good hair growth.

Vitamin B – found in tomatoes, carrots, onions and fruits. Vitamin B is known to aid the healthy development of skin, nails and hair.

Vitamin A – helps to avoid dry hair and even prevent dandruff.

Vitamin C – develops collagen and assists towards the absorption of Iron.

Vitamin E – assists with blood circulation to the body and the scalp as well.

Mineral Silica – eat lots of wholemeal foods like brown rice, oats and green vegetables. Mineral Silica helps the body develop connective tissues right throughout the body, including those on your head.

Apart from all these essential nutrients in your diet, you should also get regular head massages. This will not only improve the blood circulation on your head, but will also keep your hair follicles healthy and strong.