The Rise of Dental Day Spas

Many people understand that cosmetic dentistry can help them improve their smiles and change the way they perceive themselves and others perceive them. However, a crippling fear of the dentist can keep many people from getting the dental work they need in order to have the best smile possible.

This is why many cosmetic dentists have decided to make their practices as inviting as possible. Many have created an atmosphere meant to pamper their patients while getting them ready for their dental procedures. These “dental day spas” offer perks such as masseuses, aromatherapy and facial treatments for women as they wait to have a procedure done such as implanting porcelain veneers.

Stress reduction techniques are recommended by the American Dental Association for helping patients who are uncomfortable going to the dentist. Not only does relieving stress make the patient easier to deal with but it reduces the need for dental sedation, which is relatively safe but (like with any sedation) has potential risks.