Proud Bald Men

Going bald is not as bad as it seems. Quite a few bald men are popular celebrities. Celebrities who have gone bald have set quite a few trends, showing how you can use hair loss to your advantage. Some of the hottest bald celebrities include Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Ron Howard, Patrick Stewart, and Andre Agassi.

Bruce Willis – Hair loss hit this celebrity when he was on national TV in 1985 when he starred ‘Moonlighting’. However, hair loss when he was 30 years old did not hold back his career. Willis went on to marry his co star and pressend with acting. He rose to stardom with smash movies like ‘Armageddon’ and the Die Hard series.

Vin Diesel – He starred in the smash hit Fast and the Furious series of movies, namely the first and the latest installments. It was then that he started lose hair. His choice to go for the super smooth bald look helped him land movie after movie. He is one of the most successful young male actors. And, at 38 years old, Vin Diesel could still pass off as 20-something.

Ron Howard – Another bald Hollywood hottie Ron Howard is one of the most creative people in Hollywood, not to mention one of the sexiest, too!

Patrick Stewart – Alopecia hit Patrick Stewart when he was 19, and he subsequently went completely bald. He did not let this discourage him and has been an extremely successful actor. His success in the Star Trek series is just one example. His daughter once joked, “He baldly went where no man has gone before.”

Andre Agassi – A champion tennis player, he once wore an ear ring and had long blonde locks. At around the age of 27, Agassi started suffering from hair loss and immediately went for the smooth and bald look the year after. His female fans will tell you, it made him look even sexier.