Hypnosis as a cure for baldness

A preliminary study carried out suggests that hypnosis might help relieve people suffering from stress-related alopecia. Dr Ria Willemsen, of Free University in Brussels, and colleagues write in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, “Hypnotherapy may enhance the mental well-being of patients with alopecia areata and it may improve clinical outcome.”

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease characterised by sudden, frequent hair loss in round spots from the scalp or even any part of the body that has hair.

While psychological events and stressful causes could come into play towards hair loss, studies are far and few between to confirm the effectiveness of psychological treatments.

Dr. Willemsen and her team went deep into the subject and used hypnosis as a treatment for 21 individuals suffering from extensive hair loss on 30% or more of their scalp. Following three to four sessions of hypnotherapy, 12 of these patients experienced hair growth on 75% of their scalp while nine of these 12 experienced total hair growth.

Research before this has also shown how hypnotic suggestion can improve the flow of blood to the scalp. The increased blood flow and skin temperature of the scalp encourages the growth of hair.

Similar to this is another method called PATHS. This technology sends messages and cues straight to your subconscious mind, and tries to bring about the desired changes. The messages are transmitted using ‘modules’ to your computer. The module supports the minds ability to increase the oxygen and nutrition to the scalp and thus increase hair growth.