How to Get a Smooth Bald Head

When balding sets in, rather than treating the condition, many men simply shave the remaining hair and go bald. If you have been shaving your head for a while and have not achieved that smooth feel to your scalp, you are wondering how everyone else has it. Interestingly, this is not so hard to do. It boils down to the products you use and how you shave your head.

Shaving your head bald is just like shaving your face. The only difference is that it is a larger area and your head it rounder. If you do end shaving your head the wrong way, this could be disastrous. Imagine having a bald head full of cuts, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and perhaps even razor burn! Not only will it be painful but also unattractive.

Achieving a smooth bald head is all about what we like to refer to as PSP: Prep, Shave, Protect.

Prep – take a shower before you shave your head. If you have medium length hair, then cut it down to a buzz cut and then apply exfoliator. This is the first secret towards getting a, smooth, bald head.

Shave – take your time to shave, do not rush it. Use a shaving cream with lather in it. Use a mirror to make sure you do not miss any spots.

Protect – you need to moisturize your head, like you do to your face after you shave. Choose a moisturizer with sunscreen for maximum protection.
And that is how you do it PSP style. Just follow the steps and choose the right products to achieve that smooth, bald head.