Stress Induced Hair Loss

Extreme stress can lead to a scientific condition known as Telogen Effluvium. While sounding scary, it simply means hair thinning because of stress. While stress itself does not cause hair loss, the habits formed when under stress can lead to hair loss. The following are some of those habits and ways to avoid them.

Poor Diet – Stress causes an unbalanced diet. This in turn causes a lack of nutrients that are essential to replace falling hair. Consider this fact: a normal person loses almost 100 follicles a day and a person under stress loses 300. With that in mind a balanced diet rich in protein, with low fats and carbohydrate content is important for people under stress.

Alcohol and Cigarettes – Apart from the obvious harm caused by these vices, studies have shown that overindulgence can cause hair loss. When under high levels of stress, however difficult it may seem, try cutting back on these or try quitting altogether.

Hair Fiddling – Obvious as it may be, pulling or twisting hair and scratching your head are direct contributors to hair loss. Stop pulling out your hair every time something goes wrong and find some other means of relieving your frustrations, like using a stress ball.

While these pointers and little cures may help you in the short-term, the eventual goal is to reduce your overall stress levels. Get a new hobby, laugh at yourself and your problems, and get some exercise. A Positive and healthy outlook on life will always help you keep stress and hair loss levels down!