Healthy Hair Growth – Stop the Bald Spot from Becoming Bigger before it is Too Late

Is your bald spot putting you in the midst of constant jokes amongst your friends? This of course can be very frustrating, especially when you are making that extra effort to stop the hair loss. Here is what you can do to put a stop to all the jokes and snide comments. Take no notice of how much hair you have lost or how big your bald spot is. You can reverse it and stop the hair loss if you take the right steps. The earlier you attend to it, the easier it is to treat it. It does not really matter how long you have suffered from hair loss, you can still put a stop to it.

Most importantly, you must realize that overnight results are absolutely impossible and cannot be done, not by any treatment. Hair loss treatments can take months, but by choosing the right treatment you can stop hair loss and perhaps lose the bald patch.

What exactly can you do?
There are quite a number of chemical treatments like Propecia and Rogaine. Keep in mind that they do carry significant side effects and some people choose to stop using these treatments once they discover the side effects. There are also natural alternatives to such treatments which of course can slow down the hair loss process by blocking the production of DHT. These substances not only slow down the process but in many cases, can reverse the process as well. If the cause for your hair loss is stress, this can be reversed very quickly. Think about changing a few things about your lifestyle. Cut down on junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. This should be the first step. Remember, hair loss does not have to be permanent.